Which one do you prefer for gaming?

by mabyesi. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    0    7

Thinking of upgrading from my p30 pro, these 3 seem to be in a similar price range of £600 and under.

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  mabyesi 1

Gonna go with the OnePlus 8, thanks for voting

SahaleDKG 1

Realme x2 pro $399

  mabyesi 1

That's a great price for a Snapdragon 855+ but I'm aiming for a 865

SahaleDKG 1

Oh ok. I guess. I can play everything smoothly. I get it tho.

barbalace 1

If you want absolute top specs in the world for the best price in the world? Buy a Red Magic 3S from Nubia

  mabyesi 2

I left out nubia because everyone complains about the software being terrible and the lack of support

Btw they have red magic 5g now for really cheap as well but again it's a risky buy because there's no support or updates with these series and it ships with several issues


I have a red magic 3s (version before 5g) and I've had no issues whatsoever with the software. Also who needs support?