Why are those fools picking Sniper in every single game in Aghanim's Trials?

by dr_bazaroff. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    4

Just a couple of weeks ago, the gods of this game, all in unison, were saying that it's literally the worst hero in the game mode, every second game where someone picked Sniper, someone else abandoned, etc, etc. Care to explain, dear meta geniuses? People who said the hero is useless? Do you keep thinking it's the case, or have you shut up (as usual) and won't even admit you had been saying that? Was the hero changed, or are you just completely terrible at this game, and all you can do is wait for someone to show you how to play it? What happened?


M1QN 1

Snip is actually good, but unlike wyvern he depends on aghanim shards. If you get headshot and take aim buffs you are strong, if you get shrapnel and ult buffs you are shit

Bucksbanana 1

They build him like a dumbass with the "ult the boss for agility" talent after a while they figured out how to build him and he is pretty damn good

GetScwiftyyy 3

Sniper is the best dps when paired with tuskar. High atk spd plus super long range that can easily kite bosses. Also in the last boss, he doesnt care if his skill is stolen because he just right clicks.

11053755 3

I dunno about that, but I'm playing on Grand Magus and the usual team composition is Tusk, Sniper, Weaver, and Winter Wyvern. I don't experience early leavers that much, maybe it's also tied with the Behavior Score.

I play solo and most of my games are a bunch of 3/2-stack teams, so... I really don't believe that Sniper is trash, with a combination of Weaver and WW melts Aghanims armor real fast.