Why do random people friend me?

by muscle_man_mike. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    3    7

For a couple of months, there have been random accounts adding me as a friend. Its about every couple of days but sometimes it gets to the point where its multiple times per day. I've looked at some of these accounts and they seem normal, but when I message them to ask why they friended me they never respond. What can I do to stop this?




  muscle_man_mike 1

So all of these accounts are hackers?, or are you saying that the reason is because someone hacked me?

ezekiel_grimm 1

Probably only one or two people or a group. Don't add them. It'll stop soon.

KesMonkey 4

> So all of these accounts are hackers?

Not necessarily, no. Some people just want to make friends. Some people just want to play with someone that they enjoyed playing with before.

I often get a new follower or two after I finish high on the scoreboard in a round of Battlefield or when I was helpful to my squad, for example.

You can't stop people from following you, but you can block them if you wish.

9212017 1

You beautiful bastard

PermaTripp 2

I get followers too, and I never, I mean NEVER play online.

V4R14N7 6

Most do it in hopes you'll add them back because they think having followers like Instagram or Twitch is cool.

I've had some do it to compare my stats and/or achievements as we go along.

Some are just bots looking to get you to sign up for a service.