Why doesn't anyone use Ursa in Labyrinth?

by CoeusDemeter. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    1    8

I've had some pretty good runs with Ursa and he makes for some fun builds depending on the talents that pop up, and I think he's great early game if you have some levels/shards into overpower for quick portal spawn takedowns. With weaver, aghanim is shredded within seconds. Why is he so under utilized?


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not fast enough

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I've played a fair share of Ursa since last patch and he can be great but like others have said, melee is just very hard.

Stuff like the Fire Trail modifier can totally fuck you over. And you need a good mix of damage, lifesteal and evasion to "safely" man fight larger groups and stronger champions.

As for Aghanim fight, the melee aoe chill blast he does while shooting ice shards, totally removes any regeneration and lifesteal, while doing you damage. It's the most unbalanced aspect of melee imo, it's makes them so much worse off.

Added: I also had a run where I managed to get 100% dmg reduction on Enrage but I was still taking damage...

  CoeusDemeter 2

I thought something was a little fishy with the damage reduction. Thank you for this confirmation because this game mode still feels severely broken in more than one aspect

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Item build?

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Melee is just riskier. As people get experience with the mode they feel more confident with kiting with ranged. Of course if you’re good enough any hero can work but I feel like 4 ranged usually goes better for average players with some experience.

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He's melee. He has to be right up against the enemy to do damage and in higher levels, that doesnt work so well as the damage ramps up so much. He also doesnt have that one spell that makes him super good. Tusk has global tag team and global snowball that lets him be good. Omni has heals. Ursa just doesn't do anything if its too dangerous to go in.