Why don't people build meteor hammer on bane ?

by Gebrael2. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    0    16

I know he needs a lot of items like glimmer and whatnot but i can see mh solving his pushing farming while giving mana and also helping with disable after nightmare before grib. Thoughts ?


huqqis 1

Because blink dagger has 1% chance to trigger Blink dagger- AAAAAAAHHAAAH and thats way more important.

watts8921 1

That’s what I mean by being viable. As bane I’d need all those items before anything else. Maybe I shoulda said I can’t justify? 🤷🏻‍♂️

pimpchat 1

Bane is set after tranquils windlace and aetherlens.

bc524 1

It's not bad, it's just that you have other items that you need more and don't really have the farm to spare for it.

Aether Lense, Glimmer, Blink, BKB, Force Staff just have a higher priority.

watts8921 2

I think as he channels his ulti that requires even more channelling which would make you an extremely static / vulnerable target?


dude hes talkng about nightmare and meteor hammer combo, not with his ulti

MetalinguisticName 5

But this guy's point is: you already channel your ultimate for so long. Adding another channeling item makes you even more static

watts8921 2

Exactly. I know what he meant. But my point stands. A LOT of the time nightmare is used to escape or incapacitate a key hero for a fight. Standing still after it to channel meteor seems counterintuitive productive. IF the enemy is alone. Nightmare into ulti. If there’s multiple enemy. Nightmare and use ulti on someone else. I can’t see how you can fit meteor in viably

MetalinguisticName 3

>I can’t see how you can fit meteor in viably

In 1v2 or 1v3 fights where you don't need to waste your ultimate to secure the kill.

But it's as the other person said: the item is far from optimal in this hero, since it needs Aether Lens, Glimmer and Blink so badly

wry_smile 2

Too expensive tbh. Buying it means that a lot of other items are delayed that are more necessary to usually pos 5 support

illidanstoramge333 4

Aether lense > Meteor, If you play bane, You should focus on not being seen by enemies, because a bane is an insta target for supports and for enemy midlaner and offlane, if they see you, you're dead. So better get cast range and glimmer, than meteor hammer that u have to wait 3 seconds for it, Sleep has very low cast range so yeah. But if you play on low rank like legend below, disregard everything ive said and go for it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Low Rank like legend. It's literally top 25% of players.


Low rank is relative legend or belower

GurinJeimuzu 1

No he’s not wrong, mid Archon is the 50th percentile (median) for players when they last checked.


No, low rank is relative... to an archon player, herald is low, to divine, legend is low...