Why Riki support inst a thing anymore?

by lantovenice. Posted on May 23, 2020    0    12

Why Riki support isn't a thing anymore?


Shuyi000 1

Maybe becaus BH was banned?

IvanBaklava 1

Smoke screen doesnt slow anymore. No invis/backstab lvl 1. 2 mobility spells that do dmg and nothing else without items. Even monkey king 4 or ursa 4 is better than riki 4.

Pollux10698 1

Invi is now his ult
Smokescreen nerf
Quelling blade and tango cant be used for deward

joshyjoshj 1

Because its not good

x256 1

Smoke screen went from being a 25% slow at all levels before 6.88e to eventually not slowing at all by 7.23



Used to be slow as fuck and focused on invisibility and Smokescreen.

Icefrog took the invis but put a shit load of movement speed (320), regen (same as Spectre, and spectre has a shitload of it), a bit of armor, and decent base damage (8th highest at level 1), even his attack speed is decent.

One of the biggest problem it has is riki relaying on items (potato gains). One of the best strength riki has is relaying on less items if those are agility items.

2B play some (around 7.5k MMR), it absolutely can work, he talked about it after 7.23 dropped and he has something like 70% Win rate over the last month on it, but on top of my head, it's basically this: The problem is more about abusing correctly your first levels (riki is good at trading with a fair amount of supports, getting out and doing it again, but he doesn't seems to like really extended fights, tho your movement speed can let you weave in and out of it) and balance farming and fighting.

So now we have a hero that has to be used properly early rather than being invisible. So you get punished more and people feels they can impact less that way I'd say.

But old riki could barely catch on CM or a courier, this one can style on both, has more damage that most heroes a blink to get out of shitty situation if used properly (which can be hard in lower games since it need an ally to get close enough / give vision).

With a OoV, you can run down most people, if you pick your lane fights right, you can get enough of a lead to get some cheap stats from which you get extra damage and your perma invisibility can still allow you to scout. While you aim for pretty basic Riki items (ie WB, diffusal), you have a bit of room for others, and it seems to still be viable.

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Responses this detailed and smart are so rare on here.


> smart

/u/i_2b_i, someone said you were smart *insert Purge's Kennedy Space Center Hooray*

I'll be honest, I've basically learned a shit load of dota stats as a way to deal with life, and I'm watching a number of streams.

EDIT: don't take it the wrong way: thanks for the appreciation, but I wouldn't say I'm smart for being informed by people that know their shit better than me.

  lantovenice 1

Ah I understood. Seem like IF dont want carry heroes like Naga, Riki play as pos 4 anymore.

Thank you so much buddy!


Maybe, but that's the thing here:

the buffs Riki got may have tried to shift him into another role than support, but the fact of the matter is: you can still do a more than decent job as a support in both the lane (where most of the stats matters), and latter as providing vision (especially most heroes that provide vision see their related spells get nerfed, having a smoked riki that find someone and is yet not revealed is god), extra damage, AoE silence, and all the goodies he was picked to use anyway.


So my personal guest about why people don't pick him anymore as a support: they focus on the pre-changes way to play him, get fucked, say it's bad, and go to some other hero. While the reasonable thing to do is adapting to the changes and working on that if one want to keep picking him as a support. The hero has a large amount of goodness in his kit for supporting still.

  lantovenice 1

Yeah. I just watched some pro players play him as carry, and I found him slow farm as fuck. If he cant snowball, he stucked.

Richhobo12 1

Yeah, that's why you usually have to pick him into a good lane matchup in order to win with him