Will Spiel.Digital have games for sale?

by jcrawfish. Posted on Oct 24, 2020    10    3


I have never been able to attend Spiel in real life so I was excited to see a digital option this year. Will I be able to purchase new games during the convention or is this more about showing off games coming soon? I know this is the first year so many don't know what to expect. Just trying to brace my wallet for impact.


lovelace- 7

Yes, the publishers are responsible for their game pages and they can include a shop or several shops for different regions of the world. So if they have the infrastructure or partners with the infrastructure they can include it.

  jcrawfish 1

Will there be copies in English or will the games be focused on the European market since that is where the con is usually held?

Gastroid 2

I imagine publishers planned for it similarly to regular cons: Have copies for sale directly, but not a lot. Just enough to spread word of mouth before the general release.