Will We Ever See a Sleeping Dogs 2?

by TigrisVsLeo. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    2    6

I loved that game so much, it was so perfectly made and I imagine the sales must of been good on it. I’m aware United Front Games have shut down, but is there a possibility that we could see it made?

I thought Square Enix also made it, and that the Sleeping Dogs 2 was ALREADY being made as UFG closed down?


TheSilentTitan 1

unfortunately no because the original team behind the game was completely disbanded.

Ideal_Diagnosis 1

I think a different company would have to pick it up

aricley 1

Nope. The game was cancelled before it was officially greenlit. The first game under-performed and was partly blamed for Square Enix's finanical failure, alongside Tomb Raider and Hitman: Absolution. So... Sleeping Dogs just wasn't worth it for them with UFD gone.

demonizer84 1

yes but in the same way we saw true crime 3, it did start to be worked on then it got shelved then with studio mix ups etc it got forgotten about, fully expect a next gen spiritual successor to it, but it wont be called sleeping dogs 2

badDontcare 1

At this rate, probably never.


Let's hope so, was a really good game!