Windranger arcana or collector's cache in 4 days

by jotakl. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    3    8

hype is real boys


dalla2k 1

Is it because the cache 1 ends or you have some source (or are you a valve undercover employee)

m8-wutisdis 1

sauce for that?

bc524 2

Pudge Persona

ethanael123 4

Wr arcana cc2 next week

fscasiple 1

is there gonna be cc2?

Nyr3105 1

i thgouth they said there wont be cc2?

fscasiple 1

not sure but what they said is they might but I feel like there no 2nd CC2 I hope they release another sales bundle that can be bought atleast once

Nyr3105 1

i doubt that as well. buying cc for level seems bad anyways for you pay twice as much per level