Windranger Arcana, Pudge persona, Voice of Dota Announcer pack, Treasure III waiting shed

by illidanstoramge333. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    92    32

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riusake 1

when released wr arcana ??

lhkm98 1

How about dota plus reward season 5

Snowbreath89 1

i am the senate

lastylie 1

What's taking so long to release the announcer anyway?

_Valisk 1

They almost never release the announcers early on.

lastylie 1

I'm pretty sure that previous announcers were available right away.

_Valisk 2

Nope, only one has released on day one and it was Crystal Maiden four years ago. Bristleback, Kunkka/Tidehunter, Meepo, and Dark Willow have all released anywhere from a month to two and a half months after the battle pass launched.

  illidanstoramge333 3

I think the announcer pack was that guy who voiced pudge right? I think because of COVID it got delayed because they are aware of his age and not take risk just to record an announcer pack

47roninhunter 1

IM3 will be come out somewhere in mid August maybe at the end of August if we look at previous TI where IM3 came out a month after IM2

FeedyChen 1

have you considered not posting about watching paint dry? the new coat was just put on sir

Tyrandesatranny 1

I imagine it'll be the end of August till treasure 3

SerDmon 3

Oooooo a shed, sounds comfy. Do we have snacks?

11053755 3

Nah man, I'm gonna sit gangster.

VeggieToe13 9

I really hope it’ll be the shoulders that get the arcana, i want the yellow bird immortal’s price to reach 1 digit

vxwylz 20

Im hoping they put the slot on wr's head instead of the shoulder

slash0rz 1

I think it's her leg coz windrunner..lul

Kevadimundi 2

They’re feet I’m pretty sure

havok0159 2

WR doesn't have a feet slot. As far as I know there is just one item which changes her feet is that one battlepass set from a few years ago and it does it with the shoulder item.

Kevadimundi 2

Idk the picture on the battle pass clearly shows her with a new pair of boots

softraitor 2

Might be leg

sdfs25 3

Or privates

adiley_ 7

I guess it will be a full body, like Queen

ilickyboomboom 5

WK and QoP got full piece arcana but the main one that makes the model arcana is crown piece for WK and wing piece for QoP is what they mean.

vxwylz 5

Yeah but the main arcana is just on one slot.

R1ngleaderr 4

The arcana slot is on leg. And she's flying. You heard it hear first.

v3liang 11

Hope it’s the quiver personally, that slot is useless.

AttractiveWatermelon 14

Be interesting to see how they deal with the massive colour clash from the shoulder immortal, or if they just ignore it and intend for it to be used as an arcana set (that is, if it isn't the shoulder piece.)

GrDenny 1

They can and probably will add a second style to it just like they did to rubick's shoulder item

FearYmir 1

They might add a new style for the immortal at least I hope they do

AttractiveWatermelon 1

I think it’s probably more likely that the second style of the arcana itself suits it better. Anyone’s guess at this point though.

  illidanstoramge333 12

Yeah with the yellow shoulder piece and the dark green bow and the arcana has white air particle effect, next level shit is gonna happen bois