Xbox 360 backwards compatibility games buying not working

by MHMHK. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    0    2

So I tried to go to multiple sites to find an answer and it has been impossible to find anything close so here I am. So I've been trying to buy a digital xbox 360 backward compatible game on my xbox one (prince of persia) but it's so difficult, everytime I proceed to buy the game via debit card which always works perfectly for non backwards compatibilty games, it says that I have no valid payment option and gives me the option to change it and everytime I do it sends me to the British website and locks me to fill in a British address and bank information even though I live in the Netherlands. I also learned that it's not possible to use gift cards, does someone know how to solve this problem if there is any solution? I couldn't get a single clear answer from anywhere else. Thanks


_cptplanet 1

I had the same thing and resolved it after some time. Apparently there are two ways of adding a payment option - via console (this one worked for Xbox one games, so I guess you’re using it) and via Microsoft webpage, where you have to log in to your account first and add a shit ton of data. After adding the card to your account via Microsoft page, you should be able to buy X360 games. Without it I could not even get the free X360 titles.


Try going to using a pc and log into your account and look at the payment options try changing it there