Xbox Achievements

by SeriousChow. Posted on May 23, 2020    0    5

When you unlock an achievement and it says 'X% of gamers have unlocked this' Is this X% of all Xbox live owners or X% of owners of that particular game? Thanks in advance.


  SeriousChow 1

Cheers everyone!

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KesMonkey 2

It's actually the percentage that have launched the game, whether they own it or not, or played it or not. :)

Johnny_X89 3

it's relative to the amount of players that have launched the game, despite owning it if you never actually launch it the system doesn't recognizes you as a player of the game
(it's possible to know if you launched a game of not by going to the achievements menu and see if the game appears listed there, even with 0 gamerscore or achievements unlocked)

Anishio 5

It’s the percentage who have played the game