Xbox isn’t working. Everytime I press the on button it either doesn’t light up or lights up then turns itself off. I’m positive it’s not a problem with the power cube so I’m thinking bout opening it up. Does anybody know how to fix

by Stittzhitz. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    1

Help needed


Dominic2706 1

OG Xbox? If yes you can see if the power brick is defect by the color of the lamp. If it is working, check if you use too much other equipment (extra SSD HHD etc. ) they all need power to start together with the Xbox, try to disconnect everything from the Xbox that is not necessary to start. If it still doesn't work ask at your local GameStop (or some other Tech Store) if they could test if the error is by your Power Brick. Most of the time it is just some kind of overheating problem and unplugging the Xbox entirely from the energy and wait for a couple minutes could already help.