Xbox live suspension length?

by AtomicFury2606. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    6

So a group of people kept spawn killing me in a game and repeatedly mocked me, so I’m anger I told one of them “Fuck You”. They then reported me and cried to momma Xbox, and now I have an Xbox live suspension, but the website is so slow and won’t load so I don’t know how long I’m suspended


theory_of_game 1

Learned your lesson, didn't you? will tell you the length of the suspension.

  AtomicFury2606 1

If that darned website would load for once

mordinxx 1

Live suspension or just a communication ban?


I can’t join parties or play with my friends

ExtraToastyCheezits 1

The only way to tell is to login to and find out the details there. There are varying lengths of suspensions depending on whether you have received any previous actions in the past and how egregious the system or person who reviewed the complaint felt like this offense was.

Lessiarty 2

You'll have to wait for the website to load.