Xbox not turning tv on or off

by PassTheCurry. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    8    10

I have the setting set to turn it on on and off off and it does neither even when I put toggle. Xbox said it automatically detected the tv and I even manually chose the tv and it still didn’t work. I don’t know what to do anymore

It’s an LG C9 btw and all the connection settings are on

EDIT: solved it. My soundbar blocks the IR signal port thingy in my tv so I had to bring the soundbar up more and now it works


TheMountainFolk 1

The feature is very hit and miss with my Xbox. It'll work randomly once and then never again for a few weeks.

My Switch does it perfectly each time so I know it isn't my TV.

Djhumphreys 1

Do you have kinect? I don't think that feature works without it.

  PassTheCurry 1

No. It worked on my Samsung before fine but in the LG now

ezekiel3k0 2

Did you change your TV in the settings?

ezekiel3k0 3

Depends if he has an S or an X it will work without kinect given that they have an IR port at the front of the console ;)

Djhumphreys 1

Really? I have an X and never knew that. I've been using 2 remotes like a sucker for months.

ezekiel3k0 1
M1ke2345 2

Make sure you’ve got the XBOX’s HDMI cable is connected to an HDMI CEC compatible port.

FrantixGE 2


Not every port might be CEC compatible.

Also, you might have to turn the feature on first:,review-5624-14.html

  PassTheCurry 1

I have it on. Maybe the Xbox update made it bug out?