Xbox One Controller Vs. Xbox Series X Controller for PC

by Zecketh. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    6

I want to buy a Xbox controller to play on my PC, specifically Halo, but I'm wondering if I should wait for the Series X controller to come out or if I should just buy the Xbox one controller.

I don't think I'll be using the new Share button, but maybe the quality will be worth the wait, what do you think?



Wait for the Series X. For whatever reason, the current generation of controllers are riddled with defects.

revengexgamer 1

I'm not sure why you think the new controllers will be any better.

TheWitchStage 1

It looks like pretty much the same controller with the addition of the new button. I’d say just get a really nice Xbox One controller.

dschisler3 1

If you plan on doing multiplayer, you are doing to be in a rough spot against M&K players.

  Zecketh 1

I know, but I want to play the way I used to on the 360, I'll stay away from ranked playlists if it's too rough.

scrapie22 1

Since we know very little about new gen controller, I'd say go and buy Xbox one. It's proven.