Xbox One controllers with Bluetooth and a dongle

by Difascio. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    5

Can an Xbox One be paired with a Dongle AND a Bluetooth device simultaneously? What if they have been paired, does one take priority over the other when the controller turns on or does it just go with the last paired option?



> paired

Well, the clue is right there in this word.

To pair means to connect two devices to each other. :)

unvieledloki 1

op is referring to have it connected to dongle and a bluetooth device at same time,

if im not mistaken think it would reconnect to last used device, i resynced my Bluetooth xbox controller to my phone to play cod mobile, it wont connect back to my xbox till i press the sync button again,

  Difascio 1

I think he knew what I meant, I think what he was getting at was that pairing usually means only 2 devices. That's sort of what I figured and that's fine, I just wanted clarification.

unvieledloki 1

doesnt always mean just 2 devices, my headset i use for my phone can connect to multiple devices at same time, just depends on device

  Difascio 1

Hm fair enough. I didn't know that. Appreciate the info.