Xbox One DVR

by Therealguy1506. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    1    1

I have always wondered how to record the in game voice chat of an online game along with the game clips in games like COD Warzone or Fortnite. So can anyone tell me how it is done? I’ve checked all the settings on Xbox and I couldn’t find anything regarding it.


smallfrys 1

Pretty sure this was possible at one point, years ago. But afaik you can't do it now unless it's through Twitch or similar, or a capture card (like an Elgato). PS4 lets you by making it a setting on each participant's privacy profile, but Xbox just took it away altogether. Depending on the locale, it can be against the law to record someone's voice without their consent (eg in the US, there are 1-party- vs 2-party-consent states).