Xbox One Max Storage

by omnivorous_raven. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    5

Hey People,

All I could find was an old thread from 4 years ago on this topic that was locked when I was looking for info regarding this about a month or so back and there was a brief argument about the way Microsoft has it listed as being 16TB.

I can give a more concrete answer to this question.

It appears to be a max individual drive capacity of 16TB per drive and not in over all total.

This conclusion has been reached as my console currently has a total of 25TB attached to it. ( 3x 8TB VIA a powered USB desktop enclosure and the 1TB internal drive.)

What appears to be the case is that the max number of physical drives that the console can handle is 4 drives (including the internal drive).

This I found out by having the extra 3 drives connected by the rear USB ports and then plugging another drive via the front USB on my XBOX ONE S. When this is done the console displays a pop-up warning saying there is too many storage devices attached and to disconnect one of them in order to use the new storage device. So this maybe a limitation of the XBOX OS software.

With this in mind one could have 3x 16TB drives connected to an XBOX One S (likely X as well though I don't have one to test this theory) so if anyone needs 48TB of external storage for you digital games...well you can...I guess...if you want lol.

See the attached screen shot of my storage as it is currently configured for confirmation of that you can have more than 16TB total attached to your console.

Current Storage Config


AmbidextrousPixel 1

Damn. Wish I had saw this a few days ago when I was hunting for more space... I thought it was a total of 16gb period.... makes me want to return these 3 5tb drives and hook up 3 12tb drives.....

Dylan7homas 1

Wow i wouldn't ever try something like this for fear of straining my one X

hollyscrew 2

Thanks for the info. I don't think I'll approach this limit but go to know someone has experimented and got a definitive answer.

Icoulduseadvil 3

Bruh I’m literally fine with 4 TB Y’all some collectors

TheSierra117 3

That’s pretty crazy, you could probably fit every backwards compatible game on that and have 1-2 TB to spare. The entire 1000 games on the OG Xbox only takes up like 2.5 tb so the 360 probably would fill up most of the rest, considering that I believe 600 games are backward compatible across og and 360.