Xbox One power cord question

by ChairLimit. Posted on Jul 14, 2020    0    9

I have an older Xbox one (i dont think it is X or S or anything) and was wondering if this cable should work to power it? I brought my Xbox somewhere and forgot the normal brick and plug. Is this a cheap easy solution or will it not work properly?


ChiTown_Bound 1

You will short the xbox without the brick; The brick is a transformer, it prevents your system from getting overjuiced! You need the brick.

Daver7692 1

Do you have the power brick that the cable plugs into?

I know the base Xbox One has a power brick and the One X doesn’t. I’m not sure about the S.

  ChairLimit 1

No I don’t have the brick with me.

Daver7692 2

Then if you have the base Xbox One you will need to buy another power brick also, the cable shown in you pic is the one that goes from the wall outlet to the brick, then the brick has an integral cable that goes to the Xbox.

If you have the One X that cable will plug directly into the back of the Xbox as the “brick” is integral.

  ChairLimit 1

Got it, thanks for your help

TeknoBlast 2

I get it that you want to save money on buying a third party power cord, but I highly suggest getting an OEM power cable. You dont want to fry your system with a faulty 3rd party cable.

Also, you're saying you have the older Xbox, not the S nor the X models, then the link you sent is the wrong cable. Did you mean this one? Correct me if I'm wrong.

  ChairLimit 1

Yes the cord in your link is what I’d normally use, I just forgot it and I am in a different location for about a week. I was hoping this could be a cheap temporary solution.

Tin_Cascade 2

So, if you don't have an X or and S, and you use a brick - there's no temporary solution, I'm afraid. Trying other things will break your XBox.

  ChairLimit 1

Got ya, oh well for me. thanks for your help