Xbox One S in Austin Evans video?

by quorra96. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    8

Hello, i just rewatched Austin video and i found a piece of plastic at min \~16:30 that has a cooler in it, maybe this is the Series S?

If the image was shown here, i will delete the post.



Honestly, it just looks like a small box. Like a crate or something.

cars991 1

prob just a small itx case

mylesg9 2

Not gonna lie it looks like a series x laying down because of the holes at the top

dobukik 2

That's exactly what it is.

mylesg9 1

Makes sense

FrancisRs 2

Why should the Xbox Series S be a perfect square? That piece of plastic is strange sure but I don’t know...


Fastest console on the market and the tiniest console on the marker !?


Because they are flexing, knowing how big is the PS?