Xbox One X randomly shut off

by RevelationsComeIn12. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    1    3

I just bought the console off eBay. It was used but appears to be in great condition. Everything, in including games, ran fine. Today I was playing Recore and after a cutscene the screen went black and the audio glitched, and the. The console just shut off. It isn't hot, just a little warmish on top. Well ventilated. I didn't get any notices or error messages.

Is this a glitch in the game? Or should I return the system? 😕


Jacob123566 1

Oh well in that case yeah it’s possible it was just a glitch I’ve personally never had that issue.

Jacob123566 1

Games shouldn’t cause that it’s most likely a overheating issue even if it doesn’t feel hot the Xbox has a safety feature so it won’t over heat in the first place. Have you tried turning it back on since then? If so has it done it again or on another game?

  RevelationsComeIn12 1

It hasn't done it again yet. I've also been playing since yesterday. Hasn't had any issues with Arkham, Mafia 3, or The Division 2. I've read about others having the same exact issue. Apparently certain games have bugs that shut off the console? It's almost certainly not overheating.