Xbox One X YouTube app not working with livestream playback

by Matt397222. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    1    2

I’ve been watching a The Last of Us Part 2 play through where pewdiepie livestreams it on YouTube. When attempting to watch his finale of the game, before I click on the video, it says it’s 3:20:10. When I click the video though, it starts me halfway through the livestream and the video then says it’s only 2:00:00 long. This isn’t an issue on the YouTube mobile app, only on Xbox... any solutions?


Highrevz 1

Try using the web browser to view it? Or cast it to your tv if it’s a smart tv

  Matt397222 2

I just opened a bunch of apps and then went back to YouTube to try it again and now it’s fixed... weird, but I’m not gonna complain.. thanks!