Yamaha MS-1 compatibility with Xbox One (or 360)?

by k8andk9s. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    5

Just picked up a Yamaha MS-1 controller, but can’t seem to determine if it’s compatible with either the One or the 360. Anyone have any insight? (I’m a game newbie, I typically stick with the LEGO type games) Thanks!



I haven’t tried it myself but according to this it looks like it works with XBox One.
Yamaha MS-1 Xbox


Thanks, asshole. Tried that already. Not sure what part of “I’m new to this” you missed, but I’m wondering if anyone knows which adapter part I need for it since they don’t match and I’m not even sure what the part name is to search for it.

Jedijake7505 1

Dude he was just trying to help you don’t have to be a dick


People who are “trying to help” don’t send “let me google that for you” links that don’t actually answer the question.