Yesterday, I played the worst game of my life and no one flame me, and we ended it up winning. WTF just happened!!

by ace-s. Posted on Oct 24, 2020    127    32

I have 10k behavior score and people still flame each other for no reason what so ever.

I was having a rough personal day and wanted to play 1 game before sleep. I was already mentally fucked and depressed before the game even started

The opponent last picked pudge mid and we were all confident that game is in the bag. I was dominating the lane for the first 2 waves and I guessed where his ward was and I ferried in a sentry. When I went to deward, he hooked me and I died. (I was out of focus from the start)

I apologized and laughed it off on the mic so people dont start flaming but I died 5 more times in a row. My face was red, my mind was blank and my horrible day became even worse.

Probably my worst game in my life but no body flamed me and we ended up winning the game. I went 0-10 to 7-11 by the end.

I was expecting people pinging my levels, items, flaming me on chat, flaming on mic...etc. but the opposite happened. They were 100% focused on winning the game.



Sounds like you don’t have a good attitude.. first you think shit about pudge mid but you write in the comments that you are tired of unorthodox picks leading to people throwing games. I’m just imagining what you were gonna say to the pudge mid if he was in your team. Maybe nothing but it’s also true that you are getting affected in the same opposite scenario where you are pretty confident in losing with a pudge mid on your team.

1) we aren’t pro, pudge is perfectly viable and under estimating an off metà weird pick will most likely get you fucked..

2) what the hell where you thinking going in the same lane over and over to chain feed five time and GET MAD over it? If you have such a poor mentality queue vs bots.. you are part of the problem why people are snapping in this game.. you queue willingly frustrated taking the most important lane for the average pub and you maybe even get mad when people notice you are fully unfocused?

My dude...

  ace-s 6

who said Pudge is not viable?, I had a really good last pick against him. I did not go to lane over and over again to chain feed, the pudge and one of his supports kept chasing me which created space for our side lanes.

What do you mean poor mentality? do you know me? have you ever played a single game with me? I have never talked down or flamed anyone in my life. I spend alot of time pumping up my team mates and giving them up instead of the typical "GG" / "FF". I haven't gotten a single report for as long as a remember.

It is so wrong of you to have an opinion on someone based on a single post. People like you is the reason why I lost faith in humanity. You make assumptions on people based on a single post and call them out for being a problem?

As I mentioned, I had a horrible day and I was in a depressive state, I wanted to cheer myself up with a game of Dota2 before I slept. I even said that after I fucked up on my first death, I tried to laugh it off and give hope to my team mates.

You are so wrong here on soo many levels.


All I’m saying is that if you queue with that mental state you sign up for the 0-5 the moment you click play dota and it’s selfish.. play bots.. watch a pub.. overthrow.. there are a lot of ways to avoid dooming a game


Sorry maybe I got this too personally cause it’s my eternal mistake to queue when I feel shit and I know how devastating it is for myself.. feels bad I see others do it, sorry if I sounded bitchy it’s cus I care


Flaming is useless, just the reports and avoid at the end are good for the soul :)

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I totally understand your feeling. I've had some games same as yours. Im in archon btw. The games where less flaming, normally keeps team morale high, and actually less mistakes, no tilting. when flaming starts, normally we go downhill fast.

Takkrala 1

I usually find that as long as you don't flame, you rarely get flamed.

When you do, ignore it, it makes them look like a child throwing a tantrum.

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Plot twist: They were flaming you on Discord

deah12 1

Sometimes even the best players have a bad day.

RodsBorges 1

You played with a team of focused people. Happens once in a blue moon

Sacr1fIces 1

Sometimes it happens and man does it feel good, but never ever get used to it cuz it'll ruin the hard shell you're trying to make and how you're supposed to react in your average ranked game.

also yeah it's what u/kakungun said.

s1dazr3drum 3

sir, god is real. you needed that game to end your day in a good way. keep playing, keep having fun, dota community strong together

adobadobe 2

may allah grant u all the wishes

manchipanch 2

it's the pudge pick that won ya the game! everyone should stop picking pudge lololol

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I come to try the new update and have had 2 games so far and have actually enjoyed myself both times, maybe things are changing

idontevencarewutever 5

Another day in night time SEA games for me

hipn8s 3

They were in a party?May they were flamming you between themselves at their discord group but knew they could carry the game

CancerousSarcasm 2

That wouldn't be flaming. That would be venting.

CabaDota 4

Thank you so much for spamming that experience.
if more people will share good experience, and not just the bad ones, I am sure people will realize the community isnt that bad and start acting accordingly.
I rarely get toxic games.

  ace-s 5

I always try my best to give hope to my teammates and if 2 people start flaming each other I try to stop them.

Cuz we are already in this game and might aswell try our best to win it even it is a low chance.

CabaDota 1

I am with you, always work my hardest to shut down toxic behavior before it even starts, not always working for me.

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It's a curious thing that sometimes happens, when you play the worst you get good teammates who carry you.

Years ago, when I still had the time and the passion to play a lot, I would sometimes do the deadly night sessions. Playing at night is risky at best, people are tired, drunk or downright have no idea why they're even playing. I'm a super competitive guy, mid laner, so I would tryhard a lot. I'd play my best for the first 3 games, basically 1v5ing with a 10-1 start and my team would be so bad that I literally cannot possibly win. I get slowly tilted and start engaging in flaming with the other animals (whereas I usually don't communicate a lot while trying to give my best), my concentration breaks and I don't play well the next 2-3 games. I'm already on a 5 or 6 losing streak and I decide to play just one last game. I'm already tilted as fuck, I mark mid, I say I'm tilted and write the trademarked "mid or feed". Surprisingly no one challenges my mid authority, perhaps for the first time of the night. They say "it's cool, we trust you". I proceed to play the worst game of my life, lose my lane, I know it's completely my fault and I'm prepared to be condemned and take my rightful place in low prio. My team wins both side lanes and keeps telling me everything's fine, just hang on and do your best. They carry me like a sack of potatoes, except potatoes are at least somewhat useful, you could make fries with them and what not. In the end I've barely done anything useful but we're destroying the enemy team, and it's not some insanely good player carrying us but the whole team just playing well together and communicating. I get 4 commends and my boys tell me what a great job I did past the laning phase. And I feel guilty as fuck but I can finally rest, going to bed with a win.

kakungun 76

you found a game where people didn't gave a shit about you and were focused on playing their games

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kakungun 1

whose mama? yours or mine?

  ace-s 26

I hope every game is like this. Tired of people losing all hope cuz one team mate is doing something unorthodox or is having a bad time.

ScoobySharky 9

Come to SEA, where people still tryhard even while flaming

kapak212 19

Venge : this drow is useless, garbage monkey!

Drow get crono, still swap to save his carry. Trully SEA

Davoness 5

This is what confuses me most about Dota. People will act as if their teammates are the literal spawn of satan, sent from hell with the sole intention ruining their game but will cooperate just fine with the team 30 seconds later when doing a smoke gank.

ScoobySharky 1

Because we know that we're just bad and misplays happen, but it's very rare that someone throws on purpose, so even if we flame the hell out of our teammates, everyone will still play to win

kapak212 7

Isn't that beautifull

tommyzozo 80

Plot twist: All your teammates were pre-muted and you just didn't see the flaming