You know MS made a really great decision bringing Xbox games to PC

by CrazyLizard777. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    25




Yeah but at the cost of console sales.


Who cares?

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PS fanboys cares about it. ROFLMAO

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Funny how the Sony fanboys come from the PS subreddits to concern troll constantly. Really a weirdo fanbase.


The profit margins on consoles are slim at best and often even negative. The real money is in selling games, subscriptions and licensing fees. Increasing the addressable market by opening sales up to PC users should more than outweigh any lost money from console sales.

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Why would you care about that? Hardware has always been sold at a loss for everyone except Nintendo, who are known to over price their stuff.

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You do know they make next to nothing on console sales right?


They’re still important. How are we gonna get good 3rd party exclusives if Xbox is the smallest market?


Why do they need 3rd party exclusives, if Microsoft was really super caring on they would keep their games Xbox only

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They do make a substantial amount of money out of every game sold on the MS Store. It'll be kind of hard to get 30% of each game if people don't have an Xbox and they're buying multiplats on the PS Store or Steam.

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You do realize MS has a gamestore on PC, too?

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I do. Most people don't use it outside of buying the handful of play anywhere titles in general (and even then PC players prefer to buy 1st party MS titles and exclusives on Steam).

You do realize MS should care if users move from a platform where they have a monopoly on the games distributed (and where they get a 30% cut from any game sold) to a platform where there are multiple store fronts competeing with one another and their storefront's marketshare is a complete joke right?

Most PC gamers don't buy third party games on the MS Store. They don't even do it with games like Cuphead where you get both an Xbox One and PC copy for the price of one.

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You're right by releasing first party games on steam they will never sell another console ever again.

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I didn't say or imply that. Of course they will, consoles and PCs aren't in the same price range. There's a place for both even if consoles don't have actual exclusives.

But they do lose out on a ton of money from games sold on Xbox if everyone were to switch to PC. It's just that for whatever reason MS has calculated that it works out for them.


Funny that Sony is doing this as well

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I dont pay Sony much attention anymore. Although what i was reading was that some games would of course stay console exclusives to playstation but the others will be moving to pc release quicker this upcoming generation. Than again what do i know? 🕹🕹


And MCC and SoT are breaking new releases?



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SoT is 2 years old and MCC is 6 years old. I think you’re confused.


I’m not sure what your point is? First party Xbox games will be on PC from launch, what’s it matter that SoT and MCC are old?

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Someone said Sony is starting to do it too, OP said, “Yes, but with old.”

I’m just curious if he’s aware that MCC and SoT (pictured in the OP) are also old games

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Sure but MS are adding all their future games day 1 moving forward while Sony isn’t and only adding some old games.

I don’t think anyone is implying MCC and SoT are new.

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>Sony isn’t and only adding some old games.


not yet, they soon gonna do that though

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Still gonna go #1 though, i don't think it really matters.

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"Hide ignored titles"

Way to stage it dude

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That is the default option on Steam. It doesn't mean he is ignoring anything. The checkbox is always ticked.

That being said, nothing is hidden there. That list was accurate at the time.